Thor Script Leaked Online and Paramount Nukes it

Thor Script Leaked Online and Paramount Nukes it

Last night, an anonymous poster on the Comic Book Movie forums posted what was claimed to be the full script for Thor. The script appeared to confirm just about everything shown or rumored about the movie, and was said to be extremely faithful to the source material.

Today, Paramount has unleashed an all-out assault on Comic Book Movie over the leaked script. Cinemablend has the whole rundown:

…Comic Book Movie informs us that they were hit by takedown notices from Paramount’s lawyers moments after the Thor script was posted on their message board by an anonymous user.

They complied, it is Paramount’s script after all, and they’re well within their rights. You can see their point, I might have done the same in their shoes. Except the script’s out there now, there’s no putting the genie back in that bottle, and in the process of trying to put him back in they’ve pissed a lot of fans off. That’s really all they’ve accomplished… for now. Then they took it a step further.

CBM claims that in addition to forcing them to remove the script Paramount then pressured them to also remove comments left by people about the script. Additionally, the site says they received correspondence from a Marvel rep trying to get CBM owner and reporter Jim Littler to reveal the script’s source.

Suffice to say, thanks to Paramount nuking this from orbit; even spoilers from the script have been censored from Comic Book Movie’s site. I guess the script was legit as are the cameos that showed up in it.

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