The Star Wars Trilogy Has Been Remastered in 4K

The Star Wars Trilogy Has Been Remastered in 4K

Could a new release of the Star Wars Trilogy be in the cards? According to Reliance MediaWorks, a new 4K 16-bit restoration of the Star Wars trilogy was recently done for Lucasfilm.

The information is on their website, and can be found by going to the “Projects” menu and then selecting “Restoration”. The Star Wars project is the first one that shows up, and says it was a 4K 16-bit restoration.

Obviously the big question that comes up is what version of the movies did they restore? Is it just a 4K restoration of the current Blu-Ray cuts, or did they re-assemble the original negative with the old shots that were removed to create a 4K restoration of the unaltered Original Trilogy?

RMW has a demo reel on Vimeo, and while there are Star Wars shots; there’s nothing to show what version of the Trilogy was restored. Aside from lightsabers, the only effects in the footage comes from the Death Star trench run in A New Hope, and the clips used are ones that are identical in all versions of the movie.

Reliance MediaWorks has done previous work for Lucasfilm through Lowry Digital Images, which LFL used to restore the Indiana Jones movies and the Star Wars movies for the DVD/BD releases.

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