The Star Wars Prequels – Sets or Green Screen?

The Star Wars Prequels – Sets or Green Screen?

Following our feature illustrating just how many real models and practical effects were used in the Star Wars Prequels, the brigade of people who hate those movies came right back with their own rebuttal. They pretty much dismissed all of the models and practical effects and said the Prequels still sucked because all of the actors were just acting in front of green screens and digitally inserted into models. This claim couldn’t be any further from the truth…

Episode I Trade Federation Ship – Set or Green Screen

The very first scene in all of the Prequels takes place on a Federation Droid Control Ship. Obviously George Lucas loved CG so much that he’d want to dazzle the audience with it right from the start, right? There’s no way they would spend actual money to construct a set for such a short sequence…

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