The Star Wars Prequels – Model or CG?

The Star Wars Prequels – Model or CG?

Occasionally we see something online that makes us furious. We wouldn’t be Furious Fanboys if we didn’t react to such a thing with evidence as to why whoever is saying it is completely wrong. This time it’s the whole argument that part of the reason why people think the Star Wars Prequels “suck” is due to how Lucas used nothing but “crap CG” in the movies. We’ve been hearing this argument for more than fifteen years now, so we decided to cook up a little test.

Over the next few pages we’ll present you with different environments from all three Prequels and ask you to decide of you think they were made with nothing but CG or with practical effects. Let’s begin with Naboo…

Naboo – Model or CG?


Naboo is featured in all three Prequels, but mostly in Episodes I and II. So are those large establishing shots of the Naboo palace actually nothing but CG or were they made with a model like everything in the Original Trilogy?

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