The Simpsons Arcade Game Finally on Consoles!

The Simpsons Arcade Game Finally on Consoles!

Hell has frozen over. One of the most wanted arcade games in history is finally making its way to home consoles. The side-scrolling Konami beat-em-up Simpsons Arcade game appears to be on the way to XBLA and PSN. There’s no official confirmation from Konami yet, but the signs are looking very good for this to finally happen.

XBLAFans found the news from a tipster on twitter who informed them that the Australian ratings board has rated an XBLA version of the game, with Backbone developing it. Backbone recently did the XBLA and PSN port of the long-awaited X-Men Arcade game, so if they’re doing an XBLA version of The Simpsons it’s very likely that it’ll hit PSN as well.

The original arcade game was a massive quarter-muncher that featured large sprites, excellent animation, and was the best Simpsons game ever made. Fans have been begging for a home version of the game for more than a decade, so if this happens it’ll result in a lot of happy people.

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