The Mystery Box is Dead: Lucasfilm Shows Fans 20 Minutes of Rogue One

If you need any more evidence that the suffocating secrecy that The Force Awakens suffered under is no more, Lucasfilm is doing something very cool for fans in Mexico today.

Rogue One has begun its international promotional tour today for Latin America, and there will apparently be some kind of fan event in Mexico City later today where they will show off the first twenty minutes of the movie. Diego Luna announced this on his Twitter:


Twenty minutes is a big chunk of the film to show to fans early, and this sort of thing would never have happened with The Force Awakens. Disneyland wanted to have an extended preview of the movie showing in Tomorrowland last year (rumors were about 17 minutes of footage), and apparently that idea was crushed due to Abrams’ desire to keep everything top secret until release.

Hopefully some of these lucky fans in Mexico will go online and let everyone know what they saw in the first twenty minutes of Rogue One.

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