The Latest Unaltered Original Trilogy Rumor Possibly Debunked

Star Wars fans were eagerly debating a big rumor this morning about the Unaltered Original Trilogy, but now a bucket of ice water has been tossed on it.

Today Pablo Hidalo Tweeted a comment about the current rumor about the Unaltered Original Trilogy possibly coming out for the 40th Anniversary, and one of his replies seems to confirm a long-standing theory of the status of Star Wars cuts:

For a long time since the Disney purchase of Lucasfilm, there have been rumors that George Lucas maintains final cut for the movies. That means that only he could go back and restore the movies to their non-Special Edition forms, and the Tweet makes it sound as if George is uninterested in doing so and only he could make this happen.

Still a limited theatrical run could technically be in the cards as such a thing would be a one-off event (that George wouldn’t need to sign off on) for the 40th anniversary while the current versions of the Original Trilogy remain the only ones you can own.

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