The Last Jedi at D23 Expo – What to Expect

Disney is holding their biennial D23 Expo this weekend, and with Lucasfilm skipping Hall H at San Diego Comic Con, this is where there will be some new The Last Jedi content revealed.

Unlike San Diego Comic Con, Disney runs their D23 Expo very differently. Where everyone in Hall H is allowed to keep their phones and cameras, allowing real-time blogging of whatever the panels reveal, that isn’t the case at D23 Expo. As Disney only does this event every two years and they’ll show footage and content from things two-to-three years away, they confiscate all cameras and securely seal all phones in solid silver baggies.

While Disney traditionally does not release any of the footage they show to the public, there may be an exception with The Last Jedi this year as they are not going to SDCC.

Lucasfilm’s presentation is on Saturday as part of the Walt Disney Studios two-hour Live Action panel from 10:30am to 12:30pm. Traditionally The Walt Disney Studios takes the stage first and this year they’re confirmed to show a trailer for A Winkle in Time and will likely show the first footage from Mary Poppins Returns and Magic Camp. More casting announcements for The Lion King are likely as well.

Then Marvel takes the stage where they will be showing new footage from both Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther, and are expected to show the first footage from Avengers: Infinity War much like they did with Captain America: Civil War in 2015. At the last D23 Expo Marvel also showed a concept art reel for Doctor Strange, and it’s possible they do something similar for Ant Man & the Wasp and possibly Captain Marvel.

Finally it’s Lucasfilm’s turn. We know Rian Johnson will be at the expo, as will Mark Hamill (who is being made a “Disney Legend” on Friday), and other cast members are likely. Since they aren’t at Comic Con this year, it’s pretty much confirmed that there is some kind of Behind the Scenes sizzle reel for The Last Jedi planned at this presentation. Since the previous BTS reels were released online at their respective conventions over the past two Julys, this one could very well be as well.

Outside of The Last Jedi it’s possible we’ll learn the official title for Han Solo (and maybe a picture of a cast in-costume like we got for Rogue One in 2015) and we could also learn what the 2020 Star Wars movie will be.

D23 Expo begins on Friday and we’ll be there for the whole weekend, so keep an eye on our Facebook page for live video from the show.

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