The First Ghostbusters Review Breaks Embargo – It Sucks!

The First Ghostbusters Review Breaks Embargo – It Sucks!

Reviews of the men-hating Ghostbusters reboot are under strict embargo (because it’ll suck), but one brave soul has leaked out their review and confirmed the fears everyone has had about the movie.

This guy is likely being eviscerated by crowd who wants to harass people into supporting the movie, accusing him of being a sexist sh*tlord, but he makes good points in his review as to why the new Ghostbusters sucks. He even addresses the group of psychopaths who will come out in droves and shame you into loving the movie because if you don’t, you’re a sexist.

The basic problems with the movie are:

  • The original Ghostbusters movies worked because the cast pretty much played it seriously. That’s what made it funny, they played the whole thing straight. In this one, all four are in on the joke and it doesn’t work as a Ghostbusters movie.
  • There’s no chemistry between the four main characters.
  • The movie betrays its own logic and rules within its runtime. Initially they explain that the Proton Packs just hold a ghost until it can be trapped. By the end of the movie they are literally blowing away and killing ghosts using the Proton Packs like they’re a weapon instead of a lasso tool.
  • Absolutely terrible green screen effects during the final big ghost battle. It sounds like one of those green screen gags you’d see on a late night talk show.

Even worse, the movie is basically “Man Hating: The Movie”

  • Chris Hemsworth’s character is described as the best part of the movie. Genuinely hilarious, but they portray him as a total idiot.
  • In addition to his character, every single man in the movie is portrayed as either an idiot or asshole.
  • Capping that off, the final battle is a giant “F Men” statement as the Ghostbusters kill the final boss (a giant version of the Ghostbusters logo) by shooting their Proton Packs at its dick.

You can view the full review here (until Sony forces YouTube to pull it):

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