The Episode VII Millennium Falcon and X-Wing Spotted in the UK!

Han Solo Oops

OOPS! That page you’re looking for has been removed.
But it wasn’t removed at the request of Lucasfilm as you might think. No, in fact Lucasfilm has been pretty decent so far with all of the photos leaking out from the Episode VII filming at RAF Greenham Common in the UK.

We removed the embedded Tweet from the original poster due to that person’s action on Twitter early this morning.

Our good friend Jason at embedded the Tweet (like we did) in his story on the photo here.

This morning the person who originally posted the Tweet, took to Twitter demanding that Jason stop using the picture illegally. This is despite it only being used in an embedded Tweet:

@FlyMac_Popham Tweet Threats
After people (myself included) pointed out the actual story to the person running the Twitter feed, they began to tell people that Jason changed the story after being confronted on Twitter, which is a falsehood:

@FlyMac_Popham Tweet Lie
Due to these actions by the person who posted the original Tweet, it’s far too risky to embed or even link to the Tweet of this image. Thus we’ve removed our embed and link to their feed.

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