The Avengers Trailer Has Leaked!

The Avengers Trailer Has Leaked!

Are you ready for your fanboy brain to go thermonuclear? Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, and Black Widow all in the same movie and kicking ass? Something may break the Bat next summer, but it may not be Bane.

The Avengers trailer has somehow leaked online, and I’ve embedded the Youtube version below; but just in case it gets pulled here’s the full description of what it showed:

Update It’s sounding as if this may be the post-credits scene from Captain America.

  • Steve Rogers working a bag in a gym. He punches it with a Cap super punch and sends it flying across the room.
  • Nick Fury comes up from behind him and asks, “Trouble sleeping?”. Cap asks if he’s there with a mission to get him back in the world, and Fury says “To save it.”
  • Shots of New York and Nick Fury on the bridge of what I assume is the helicarrier.
  • Awesome shot of Loki being led by some very heavily armed guards.
  • Some kind of vehicle driving through the desert.
  • Black Widow leads Tony Stark and another character through a hallway.
  • SOME
  • Agent Coulson in shades.
  • Nick Fury walks towards a helicopter.
  • Quick shots of Nick Fury, Tony Stark, Captain America (in a more traditional costume!), Bruce Banner, Thor, Black Widow, and Hawkeye.
  • Nick Fury firing a gun.
  • Steve Rogers looking turning to look at something.
  • The Captain America costume, and shield, in a display case. It looks more traditional than the WWII one in the movie.
  • Thor holding his Hammer to the sky with lighting.
  • Iron Man flying through the sky.
  • Someone quickly entering a vehicle.
  • Banner removing his glasses.
  • Soldiers outside a tent as something flashes inside.
  • Black Widow tossing her little tazer discs she used in IM2.
  • Shot of Iron Man.
  • Hawkeye firing his bow.
  • Explosions on the helicarrier.
  • Vehicle chase scene with Loki.
  • Cars blowing up and flipping on a freeway.
  • Awesome shot of Black Widow, possibly Tony Stark, and Captain America at the curved table with Thor in the front.
  • Nick Fury: “Gentlemen, you’re up.”
  • Tony Stark taps Thor on his shoulder while saying something.
  • Final shot is Thor throwing his hammer at the camera.

Edit: Youtube mirrors have been taken down. Thanks to Digg user hukech for finding the new source below.

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