The 4K Version of A New Hope is George’s, NOT the Unaltered Theatrical Cut

Those who continually get their hopes up of Lucasfilm going against George Lucas’ wishes and releasing the versions of Star Wars he hates are about to be crushed again.

Last month, Gareth Edwards described viewing a 4K version of A New Hope at Lucasfilm. With absolutely no evidence to back up their delusions of grandeur, many people on the internet proclaimed this was an unaltered original theatrical cut of A New Hope and not the canonical version George Lucas considers to be the only Star Wars.

Even though there was absolutely zero evidence for people to claim that (outside of sites who lie to them for clicks) this belief quickly became “fact” on the internet. That is, until last night when Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo confirmed on Twitter that the 4K version is still George’s version and not an unaltered original theatrical cut:

This is yet another time in a long line of occasions where people let their headcanon get the best of them.

Lucasfilm isn’t going to go to George Lucas and ask him: “Hey George, these angry people on the internet who always say that you raped their childhood want us to alter your version of the Original Trilogy and give them the versions you don’t like.”

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