The 10 Most Badass Weapons in Star Wars (besides the lightsaber)

When we think of weapons in Star Wars the first thing that usually comes to mind is a lightsaber, with The Deathstar being a close second.  Today we’re going to take a look at a few weapons that (although not as cool as a LS) really pulled their weight.

DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol

The DL-44 Heavy Blaster pistol is a weapon that has featured very heavily in the Star Wars universe. It is one of the first weapons that we associate with a character, Han Solo. In fact, it was the weapon that killed Greedo. It is well-known in the Star Wars universe that this beast had the ability to penetrate stormtrooper armor. Han Solo also famously removed the sight from the top of the barrel so that he could perform his characteristic quick draw.  Other famous characters that have used the blaster pistol in the EU include Mara Jade Skywalker, Jaden Korr and Rosh Penin.

Force pike

The force pike is a weapon that we see briefly in the films themselves, being wielded, most notably by the Imperial Guard, Senate Guards and the Emperor’s Royal Guard. The force pike is a weapon that consists of a vibro-blade head, and a stun sheath. This stun sheath works like a stun blast from a blaster rifle, and the vibro-tip like a vibroblade was able to easily dismember beings with a single touch, when set on maximum. These weapons, which were very prevalent throughout history, were used by pirates and other agencies due to their ability to cut through bulkheads and airlocks, and also their ability to be used in small hallways, making them invaluable in boarding actions.  Another invaluable asset of the force pike is its ability to withstand contact with a lightsaber.

Ssi-ruuvi Ion Paddle Beamer

The Ssi-ruuvi ion paddle beamer is a weapon that we never see in the films themselves, and which first appears in the novel ‘Truce at Bakura’. Used by the Ssi-ruuk, this weapon is not a killing tool. The Ssi-ruuk powered their technology through ‘entechment’. Basically, this was harvesting a persons life energy and storing it in batteries to power their weapons. Because the victims had to be alive for this process, the Ssi-ruuk weapons were used to capture, not kill. The paddle beamer shoots beams that could not be deflected by a lightsaber, without calibration to the blade. Once the blade was calibrated, the beams could be bent away from the lightsaber’s wielder, but conventional blaster bolts couldn’t be.  This weapon was used by the Ssi-ruuk in the initial attack on Bakura, and in the second attempt by the Ssi-ruuk during the Yuuzhan Vong war, however, because the technology hadn’t advanced as much as conventional tech.

Stoklhi Spray Stick



The Stoklhi Spray Stick, a weapon developed by the Stokhli, from planet Manress, is another non-lethal weapon. Developed primarily for hunting, this weapon had the power to take out powerful animals such as gundarks (large ape-like creatures). The Stoklhi Spray Stick works by expelling a large net up to 200 meters away, to entrap the target and then send shocking energy through the net, which then knocked the affected creature unconscious. This net could be up to 800 meters wide, and very heavy. However, this net isn’t a conventional net. The net is made out of foam which rapidly solidified into a net with the ability to withstand lightsaber’s to a degree, due to the fact that the foam doesn’t properly solidify until it touches the target.


The Wookie Bowcaster is another weapon that appears in the films, although we don’t find out much about it in the original trilogy. The Revenge of the Sith, however, features the weapon heavily in the Battle of Kashyyk. This weapon is essentially a crossbow, which fires explosive metallic quarrels, at high speeds. However, these quarrels are then wrapped in a magnetic field which launches the bolt forwards at breakneck speeds, essentially a rail-gun. The bowcaster is a primary Wookie weapon for two reasons: it was developed by the Wookies, and phenomenal strength is needed to cock the bowcaster. However, some other beings are able to wield a bowcaster, such as Trandoshans and some Jedi. Notably, Jaden Korr, Reven and the Jedi Exile were all able to wield these powerful weapons.


Disruptor Rifle

The disruptor rifle is not merely a single weapon, but is in fact a class of weapon. These weapons were highly illegal in the Republic, and were more typically used by Mandolarians and crime syndicates  such as The Black Sun. They were  so illegal because of their immense power. These weapons basically fired a steady beam of energy that would break apart objects on the molecular level. This beam was able to travel in a straight line until hitting a solid object, making these weapons a prime choice for assassinations through sniping. Another aspect of the weapon that made these guns a prime choice for assassinations is the rifle’s ability to bypass personal energy shields.


The charric is a weapon not commonly found in the Republic area of space, nor in the Outer Rim. It is a weapon found commonly in the Unknown Regions of space, more specifically around the Chiss. This weapon is essentially a blaster rifle with an added bonus. The charric would fire a projectile that consisted of both kinetic energy and thermal energy, thus rendering most armors useless. However, upon contact with metallic armors, unlike the blaster, the charric would expel an electronic charge, making the weapon effective against metallic armor as well, unlike blasters. Another bonus of the charric is that the bolts could not be deflected by lightsabers. One drawback of the weapons however, were the short ranges offered by the weapons. The handgun form of the weapon only had a optimum range of 8 metres.

Ryyk Blade

These powerful weapons are another weapon originating on Kashyyk. Not having a single design, these weapons were crafted by the Wookie that would wield them. They were large, typically curving blades, which were originally developed as tools to cut trees while exploring the forest floors, while Wookies were still a primitive race. Being handcrafted, the Wookie that built the weapon would have a special bond to it, as he would with his bowcaster. Because of this, a non-Wookie that wielded the special weapons would be considered dishonorable, and an insult, unless he had earned the right.

Verpine Shattergun

The Verpine, an insectoid race, developed this weapon for sheer power. They are both nearly silent and extremely powerful. Using a magnetic propulsion technique, like the bowcaster does, the gun would propel objects at massive speeds, causing immense damage. Being very easy to wield, (they were shaped like a blaster), and having immense accuracy and power, coupled with near silence, these weapons were commonly used by assassins. They were able to fire nearly any small projectile, making them easy weapons to reload, if you happened to run out of ammunition. A sniper rifle form of the gun was also made, and was a favored weapon of Kal Skirata, a Mandolorian mercenary, who also joked that the guns could fire rocks if they had to.


This terrible weapon was the primary anti-personal weapon of the invading Yuuzhan-Vong. Being both extremely versatile, and easy to wield, it was both their primary weapon, and a weapon that struck fear into the minds of the Republic and Imperial Remnant. These living weapons were essentially snakes that had the ability to harden their shells into a staff-like weapon, or become a whip. They also had the ability to spit burning poison at the wielders enemies. This poison would be spat at the enemies eyes, causing instant blindness and seeping into the bloodstream through pores, causing 24-hour agony and then death. These weapons also carried a significant place in their wielders hearts, as the staffs were tamed by the potential wielder and bonded with the wielder for life.

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