The 10 Most Awesome Marvel Movie Moments

The 10 Most Awesome Marvel Movie Moments

We’re just one week from the big screen debut of the Odinson, and the official kick off to another summer of comic book movies. With Marvel currently on a roll leading up to the massive crossover movie The Avengers next year and the introductions of Thor, Captain America, and the 60′s era X-Men this summer, we decided to look back at the past Marvel movies for the most awesome moments that got our fanboy juices going.

Iron Man & War Machine (Iron Man 2)

If seeing both Iron Man and War Machine fighting off a whole bunch of robots together didn’t make you cheer, you need to turn in your fanboy card. Even with all the problems people had with Iron Man 2, the payoff of seeing these two armored heroes fighting side by side was worth putting up with a movie that was slightly more disappointing than the original.

Phoenix! (X2)

I vividly remember the first showing of X2 so many years ago. When this part played out at the end, nearly the entire theater yelled out “Phoenix!”. The follow-up movie never lived up to the promise in this couple seconds of film, but it remains one of the coolest moments ever in a Marvel movie.

Stan Lee’s Iron Man Cameo (Iron Man)

Stan Lee’s cameos in the Marvel films are expected, but his in Iron Man is by far the best. When Tony Stark confuses him for Hugh Hefner, you can’t help but laugh. A good runner up is his cameo in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer where even Stan Lee couldn’t get on the list for Reed and Sue’s wedding.

Go get ‘em, Tiger (Spider-Man 2)

This is very similar to the X2 scene above. At the end of Spider-Man 2, by far the best of the trilogy, when Mary Jane tells Peter to “Go get ‘em, Tiger”; it’s the Spider-Man movie we always dreamed of. Unfortunately, it lead into Spider-Man 3; the Spider-Man movie we always had nightmares of.

Captain America’s Shield (Iron Man)

Cap’s shield in the two Iron Man movies makes sense when you learn in the Captain America movie that Howard Stark designed it. While a partial shield is seen very well in Iron Man 2, the little Easter Egg in the first movie is our preferred peek at the wider Marvel universe that Iron Man lives in.

Wolverine’s Berserker Barrage (X2)

Did you know X2 nearly received a R rating? It’s because of Wolverine’s claw usage during the attack on the mansion. They trimmed a few seconds here and there, and managed to get the PG-13 they needed from the MPAA. But seeing Wolverine unleashed on military elite troops was seriously awesome.

Iron Man vs. Tank (Iron Man)

This one was in one of the Iron Man trailers, and the movie itself didn’t disappoint. The finished version of the scene had even better effects that the original trailer version did.

David Banner (The Incredible Hulk)

2008′s The Incredible Hulk wasn’t just a much needed reboot from the Ang Lee abortion, it was also something of a love letter to the old Incredible Hulk television series. From the clever way they gave the late Bill Bixby a cameo in it, to the “Lonely Man” theme, to the same gamma ray device from the series; it was really a big screen adaptation of the show. At the end of the movie when Bruce Banner is hiding in Canada trying to control the Hulk, he’s going by the name David Banner; just like in the TV series.

Wolverine’s Opening Credits (X-Men Origins: Wolverine)

X-Men Origins: Wolverine may suck (except for the non-Weapon XI Wade!), but its opening credits are extremely awesome. You can watch Wolverine and Sabertooth fighting through all of America’s wars and then just turn off the movie and walk away with a much better experience than sitting through the whole piece of crap.

Colossus (X2)

Yes Colossus is one of the main characters in X-Men 3, but that movie is best forgotten. His appearance in X2, while short, was pretty awesome. It’s a shame X-Men 3 had to suck the way it did, and putting Kitty with Iceman in the same movie with Colossus is just wrong.

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