The 10 Best Star Wars Changes

The 10 Best Star Wars Changes

It’s that time again. Time to hulk-out in nerd rage and do stupid things like compare George Lucas to Gaddafi or Bin Laden. That’s right, there are new versions of the Star Wars movies coming out and it’s time for people on the internet to go crazy and claim that Lucas raped your childhood…again.

But you know what? The Special Editions should really be called the Superior Editions. They fixed numerous problems with the movies, and here are ten of them:

CGI Yoda in Episode I

While defenders of the stoned Yoda puppet in Episode I may exist, they’re so rare I doubt many people will complain about this. Eight years ago when they needed a proof of concept for the CG Yoda in Episode II, ILM replaced the horrible puppet in The Phantom Menace with a CG model. On the new Blu-Rays that are causing the current bout of nerd rage online, they’ve finally included the superior CG Yoda in the movie.

Blinking Ewoks

This is a real minor change on the Blu-Rays, but a welcome one. The previous teddy bear eyes on the Ewoks looked dead, and you could even occasionally see the actors behind them. In HD that would be even more apparent, so they’ve given the Ewoks new CG eyes.

Luke and Biggs

While some of the scene is edited (a bit about Luke’s father was cut out), the Special Edition finally gave Biggs more screen time in a scene that explains why the Rebellion let some new farmboy fly one of their valuable X-Wings.

No More Yub-Nub

Why are our heroes smiling? It’s not because they just saved the galaxy. It’s because the stupid Ewok song from the end of Return of the Jedi has been replaced by a fantastic new piece of John Williams music. Jedi had one too many songs in Jabba’s Palace, and the Ewok one is not missed.

Cloud City


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