Temuera Morrison Returns as Boba Fett in Star Wars: Battlefront!

boba-fett-battlefrontThe Star Wars: Battlefront beta begins today, and someone has datamined the PC files to discover that Temuera Morrison has returned to voice Boba Fett.

Fett is going to be an unlockable hero in the full game, and the beta only includes ROTJ Luke and Vader as playable heroes, but the client appears to have his audio available. A user posted all of the Boba Fett clips to Soundcloud and it’s definitely Temuera Morrison voicing the character again.

This is actually a big deal as Battlefront, like all games from now on, is considered canon. The events that happen in a multiplayer match obviously aren’t due to how those can play out based on player input, but all of the planets, characters, and major events that are the backstory of the game are canon.

This is yet more proof that Lucasfilm isn’t going to retcon Boba Fett’s origin and he remains a clone of Jango. One of his voice files in the game even mentions Jango. Most Star Wars fans with a sense of reality knew that Boba Fett retcon rumor was BS, and this appears to be even more proof to squash it.

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