Jul 5, 2011

Caption this Mexican Stormtrooper

Viva La Empire!  Head over to our Facebook page and let the captions begin!...

Jun 18, 2011

Will kill Jedi for food

This seems legit but I have a feeling he’ll stay hungry.  A single Stormtrooper simply doesn’t have the tools to...

    Jun 6, 2011

    Mini-Supergirl vs. Stormtrooper

    Our money is on Mini-Supergirl. Stormtroopers may be trained by the Empire, but we all know they’re a horrible shot...

    Oct 3, 2010

    Awesome girlfriend creates Star Wars pillow case

    When I finally get a girlfriend, I want her to be just like this.  This young lady knows that her...

    Jun 15, 2010

    E3 2010: Day One Photo Gallery

    We’re back from our first day at E3 2010 and have returned with pictures to share. We’ll be posting images...

    Jun 10, 2010

    The most adorable stormtrooper you will see today

    Usually the words “cute” and “stormtrooper” shouldn’t be combined.  I think we can make an exception today though....

      May 12, 2010

      A SciFi Nerd’s Ideal Girlfriend

      I can't wait to show this to my girlfriend so that she might get the hint and so the same. This is way more appealing than her usual french manicure.

      Best Ewok birthday ever

      The most delicious pastry you’ll find on this side of Endor....

      May 1, 2010

      Student Graduates In Stormtrooper Outfit

      Manja Pieters is a fine arts graduate from Canterbury University who decided that she’d like to finish her schooling by...

      Apr 22, 2010