Star Wars: The Old Republic – Not as good as Rift?

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Not as good as Rift?

If you’ve been following The Old Republic for a while, you’d probably know that it’s currently in a highly secretive closed beta test. This beta has the participants bound by a very strict NDA that doesn’t really allow them to say anything outside of admitting that they are participating in the test. Well at least one tester has decided to speak out in his own way, although he was very careful to not completely break the NDA.

Yogcast, which is a pretty popular video podcast on Youtube, recently provided their impressions of the fourth Rift beta event. At the end of the video, at about 13:52, he talks about another unreleased MMO that he’s played but can’t talk about. His friend begins to hum the Star Wars theme when he explains that it’s basically not as good as Rift and that he’ll be picking up Rift instead.

You can view the whole video below, but this is another example of how people need to really try to control their hype for The Old Republic or risk a disappointment the likes of which Star Wars fans have never seen.

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