SPOILER RUMOR: A New Avenger in the Post-Credits Scene?

SPOILER RUMOR: A New Avenger in the Post-Credits Scene?

So we know now about the reveal of a certain major Marvel character in a mid-credits scene in The Avengers, but what about the post-credits scene? It’s been pretty widely-reported that said scene was not filmed at the time of the movie’s premiere and members of the cast mentioned that they were going to film it right after the premiere. Marvel naturally played coy and denied what the actors were saying, but it looks like it was filmed and a big rumor is out about what it shows.

Now this is a major spoiler as it involves the fate of one character in the movie. So if you don’t want to know, click away now.

According to Comic Book Movie, the scene will be Tony Stark and Bruce Banner overseeing the transformation of Agent Coulson into The Vision:

Alright, so you guys know how Coulson supposedly dies? Well, the extra scene, which should be after the credits if real, deals with Tony and Bruce. Basically, what’s happening is that Coulson’s body is being worked on. The people working on the body are melding yellow and green metal pieces to it, and the pieces look similar to Iron Man’s armor. If you’re a fan, you should know where this is going.

While the rumor is way out there, it would be awesome. How else could they bring The Vision into the second Avengers movie? What they describe makes sense as a way to do it, so I’m hoping it’s true.

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