Some Xbox One Owners Reporting a ‘Green Screen of Death’ or Bad Disc Drive

Yesterday some early reports came out about initial issues with the Xbox One hardware from people in Australia and New Zealand who were the first to receive systems. This morning, now that the worldwide midnight launch is behind us, more and more issues are coming out about some of the problems people are facing.

The most serious, which most people are screaming about on the official Xbox Support forums, is being dubbed the Green Screen of Death where the Xbox One simply will not boot past the initial green logo screen. Micrsoft has not responded to that thread at all, although the mods have no problem censoring customer’s posts.

Aside from the systems not booting, the other major issue is broken disc drives out of the box. Some are calling this a “Transformer drive” because of the grinding sound they make when you put the disc in. Someone has compiled a video collecting some of the numerous reports of this issue that popped up overnight:

These are just initial reports from the midnight openings. As the day goes on and more people receive their online-ordered consoles, more could pop up…

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