Sad Stormtrooper enjoys galaxies for the last time

Sad Stormtrooper enjoys galaxies for the last time

Even though it’s been years since I’ve logged in, I still can’t believe that Star Wars Galaxies is shutting down.  You can read Jeremy’s favorite SWG moments here or check out an article I did a few years ago called 8 Confessions of a Star Wars Galaxies CSR.

We are so sad to see this game go that we would like to ask one question to the corporate suits: How much?

That’s right, the Fanboys want to buy SWG.  No combat upgrade, no NGE bullshit.  Pure SWG awesomeness in it’s truest form.  We would create one giant server and hire the folks who are running the SWG EMU (if they’re willing) to bring everything back the way it was before the CU launched. Thomas Blair I see that you are unemployed now, WTF? You were the first Jedi on Corbantis and an amazing dev. If we can make this happen you will be our lead designer, deal?  Jason Ryan, aka “Pex” you’re in charge of events, cool?

So John Smedley, Julio Torres, whoever.  What do we, the SWG fanboys need to do in order to make this happen?  This game has been the red headed step child of LA and SOE for years, yet the community, no matter how pissed off, stayed loyal.  Galaxies is exactly 8 years old today, and I don’t see a reason why we can’t get another 8 out of it.

We are 100% serious about this.  Please contact us.

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