Rumor: Xbox One Call of Duty: Ghosts Runs at 720p (PS4 at 1080p)

Oh boy, if true this will cause the gaming side of the internet to explode into endless flame wars that will make the forth-coming console launches even bloodier than they already would be.

According to gaming forum NeoGAF, it’s looking like the Xbox One edition of Call of Duty: Ghosts will run at only 720p while the PlayStation 4 version runs at the full HD resolution of 1080p. For those unfamiliar with resolutions, 720p is what most current-generation console games run at. 1080p is considered next-generation, and if Microsoft’s console can’t even hit that resolution, one wonders what the $500 price tag is for…

How did this rumor come about? The forum had a thread about 1080p PS4 Call of Duty: Ghosts videos that IGN is posting over this week. Within that thread a user named famousmortimer posted that he had information about the Xbox One version. He wasn’t going to post it until a second source did, as it’s apparently under NDA from Activision, so another poster named thruway posted that the Xbox One version was running at 720p.

Seeking confirmation on the rumor the mod bishoptl (who himself is a dev formerly of Relic and worked on the Turok reboot) PMed famousmortimer to see if the rumor was true. When he got his answer he dismissed himself from the thread and let it burst into flames, which likely means it’s true.

If this is true, it’s understandable that Activision would slap the truth with a NDA. The Xbox 360 was always the biggest console for Call of Duty, and it’s sounding like its successor isn’t able to match up to the PS4′s performance with the same game…

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