RUMOR: Two New Star Trek Series in Development for 2014?

RUMOR: Two New Star Trek Series in Development for 2014?

For a long time we’ve been hearing different stories of big-name television and film producers pitching various different Star Trek television series to CBS. And for an equally long time the word has been that CBS prefers having Star Trek on the big screen as they feel the franchise works better in the film format. But now there’s a new rumor going around that CBS is prepping not one, but two Star Trek television series for the 2014 season.

Instead of coming from a Star Trek or film site this rumor popped up, which is a site focusing on law enforcement as the two Star Trek series are said to be based around those sorts of stories. Instead of “boldly going”, the two series will copy the two most common forms of prime-time television dramas and apply them to Star Trek:

The first of the shows is a Police Procedural based in the Star Trek universe. The working title is Star Fleet Investigative Section, or SFIS, which promises to be a sci-fi version of CSI or NCIS.

Star Fleet Investigative Section would follow a basic police procedural template. Each episode would have a “crime of the week”. The crew of the USS Locard would then be dispatched to warp in and solve the crime. Utilizing futuristic forensic skills the fearless crew will usually successfully solve the crime and restore order.

In the second show Star Trek will be taking on a medical/rescue drama theme, with a working title of Star Trek: Pierce. It is unknown based on the outline if the name Pierce is in honor of the Fire Engine Manufacture or the US Navy Corpsman who received the Medal of Honor in WWII.

The typical episode plotlines will have some ship, space station or other exotic location befall some disaster or unknown medical outbreak. Our heroes will then be dispatched to this emergency event. Using the warp jump they get to any emergency in minutes. In some shows they will use futuristic versions of the Jaws-of-Life and emergency medical techniques to complete their rescues. In other shows the onboard medical lab might be used to develop a cure for a new illness or virus. Other episodes might call for the crew to race in to save a VIP with an emergency surgery, such as a transplant or an experimental procedure.

On one hand it’ll be awesome to see Star Trek back on the small screen, but on the other turning Star Trek into the next CSI or Chicago Hope just seems to be cheapening the franchise. Star Trek is about exploring the human condition through science fiction and exploring the galaxy, not solving a crime of the week or doctor/nurse love stories

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