RUMOR: The Force Awakens Trailer Out Around October 16th?

RUMOR: The Force Awakens Trailer Out Around October 16th?


October 19th may be the day!


Reddit poster claims a theater in Beirut says October 17th (a Saturday) is the date they’ve heard. Also some are saying online ticketing will begin on October 15th with theater box office ticketing beginning on the following Monday.

The internet is eagerly awaiting the full trailer for The Force Awakens, and some evidence is pointing to a possible release within just a couple of weeks.

While Star Wars fans form support groups for those going through denial that there will even be a trailer before December 18th, some theaters are starting to receive word of reserved spots for promotional items such as posters. Some theaters are saying they have a reserved spot for “Star Wars” beginning around the 15th or in some cases the 16th of October, which means it’s possible that’s when we’ll see a trailer playing in theaters to go along with the new poster release.

When a studio releases a teaser trailer, like the one that came out in April, they give the trailer to theaters along with a poster to display. That’s when the teaser one-sheet hit theaters. While some don’t consider it to be a real poster, the logo-only one-sheet was the first teaser poster for The Force Awakens.

If these theaters are receiving promotional items such as posters, or even bigger things like a standee, around the 16th of October that means they also likely will have a trailer to show as well.

Of course in 2015 trailers get bigger exposure on the internet, which means if these dates are real it’s possible could debut the trailer on October 15th (two weeks from Thursday). Then that weekend Walt Disney Pictures is distributing Spielberg’s thriller Bridge of Spies, which could be the movie they put the full trailer on (like how they put the 3D trailer on 3D versions of Avengers: Age of Ultron in May).

This is all a rumor and Lucasfilm could surprise everyone with an earlier release anytime over the next two weeks, but when word starts to leak out from theaters about space being reserved for promo items around a specific date it leads some credibility to rumors that have been going around for a few weeks…

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