Rumor: New Clone Wars Episodes Coming…This Week?

Rumor: New Clone Wars Episodes Coming…This Week?

Thought The Last Missions on Netflix would be the end of The Clone Wars? Maybe not.

Several major Star Wars sites such as JediNewsUK are saying to keep an eye on for something so cool “it could melt the ice off a Hoth mountain top.” What could it be?

Well, one rumor flying around is that we’ll see some new Clone Wars episodes premiere on the Official Site this week. No one knows how many, but the rumor is that it’s at least a couple. TheDigitalBits has also heard that a Blu-Ray/DVD release for the final season is due to be announced soon, so it’s possible we’ll hear about that too.

If they’re close to announcing the final season on Blu-Ray, premiering new episodes on and then including them on the disc would be a pretty decent selling point for those people who had already viewed the season on Netflix…

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