RUMOR: Another Prequel Cameo For Rogue One


According to friends just getting out of the World Premiere of the movie in Hollywood neither character were spotted in the scene. That makes Bail Organa the only major Prequel cameo in Rogue One.

Yesterday we ran arumor about a controversial Prequel cameo that could show up in a scene in Rogue One. Now we have an update to that with news of another character in the scene.

According to sources, Oliver Ford Davies filmed one day on Rogue One with a Gungan stand-in next to him. Oliver Ford Davies played Sio Bibble in the Prequel trilogy. He had a large role in The Phantom Menace, a smaller role in Attack of the Clones, and was seen in Padme’s funeral procession in Revenge of the Sith.

Sio Bibble and the infamous Gungan will be together in the same scene where Bail Organa appears and Jyn helps rally the Rebellion to take down the Death Star.

And one final thing: at one point the Gungan did speak, although it’s not know if the line or even the cameo has survived the final cut.

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