RUMOR: A Controversial Prequel Cameo in Rogue One


According to friends just getting out of the World Premiere of the movie in Hollywood neither character were spotted in the scene. That makes Bail Organa the only major Prequel cameo in Rogue One.

Note: This is only a rumor, but it has been backed up by more than one source. It’s entirely possible the cameo could’ve been edited out of the movie at some point.

There may be a pretty controversial cameo in Rogue One, and it will happen pretty early in the movie.

Towards the end of the first act comes the scene shown in multiple TV spots and trailers where Jyn helps rally the Rebellion over the threat of the Death Star. There are a lot of characters in this scene, including Bail Organa. However in the crowd of Rebels there could be a cameo that will cause rage if it remains in the final cut of the movie.

According to the rumor there are two Gungans in the scene, and one is easily identifiable as a certain Senator from Naboo:

It doesn’t sound like there’s any dialog by either Gungan, they’re just standing there among all of the Rebellion Senators and soldiers. It’s entirely possible there are other cameos within the crowd, but these sources didn’t report on any other familiar faces.

When debating on whether or not to report on this rumor I remembered that this past weekend Lucasfilm held the press junket for Rogue One at both Skywalker Ranch and the LFL HQ in San Francisco. At the event they showed off an edited 28-minute reel from the movie, but wouldn’t show the press the full film. Yet, the premiere of the movie is this coming Saturday and press screenings happen this weekend as well (reviews are embargoed for the 13th).

This is a little conspiratorial, but if there was a controversial cameo that they didn’t want leaking out until the last possible moment it could be why they didn’t show the entire movie to the media this weekend and instead made them wait another week to see it.

If this cameo still exists in the final cut of the movie, we’ll definitely hear about it this weekend after the world premiere of Rogue One on Saturday in Hollywood.

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