RIFT Player Saves RIFT

If you’re a RIFT player, you may have heard of a lot of players having their accounts compromised. Aside from some players just being dumb and using the same login/password for fansites and multiple games; a RIFT player who posts on the official forums as “ManWitDaPlan” found a massive hole in Trion’s authentication server that allowed him to login directly to someone’s account without having the login/password. Just about two hours later, the RIFT servers were hotfixed and the hole was plugged. Everyone on the RIFT forums is saying he should be given a lifetime subscription to the game, and it sounds like he may just get that:

For those of you that say “give ‘em lifetime accounts”, etc. I don’t want to go into any details aside from saying that this was apparently a pretty big hole and Trion seems very happy with me for some reason. I’ll be around for a while…

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