November 7th Is Not the Rogue One Ticket Sale Date

There’s a rumor going around the internet that Rogue One tickets will go on sale the day before the US election on November 7th, but I managed to get confirmation to debunk that.

The origin of the rumor comes from the City of Carlsbad’s (near San Diego, CA) private screening for Rogue One that they will be holding on December 15th. Star Wars News Net found the Seaside Courier’s website calendar for the screening, which says:

“Tickets are $20 and will be available for pre-sale on Nov. 5 at the Epic Teen Nights: Movie in the Park event from 4 to 9 p.m. Tickets will then go on sale online to the general public beginning 7 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 7.”

Most people who read that understood what it meant. This is an announcement that the City of Carlsbad (not Fandango, MovieTickets, etc.) is selling tickets for a private screening they will be putting on. Movie theaters have begun booking private screenings for Rogue One this week. The calendar is announcing the dates that people can go through the city to buy the $20 tickets to their private screening, November 5th for VIPs and November 7th for everyone else.

To get clarification on this I emailed the City of Carlsbad asking if this was just for their screening of if they new something everyone else didn’t about when tickets would go on sale:

“Tickets for the VIP screening will go on sale starting November 7th for anyone wishing to participate in this Carlsbad event (limited amount of tickets available). You can purchase tickets online at or by phone at [removed]. If you wish to get your tickets before the 7th, your other option would be to attend the Movie in the Park event on November 5th at Pine Park. We will sell VIP tickets there as well, being able to buy there is a perk to attending that event. The Movie in the Park is free to attend and we will be showing Bateman Vs. Superman.”

To recap, the City of Carlsbad booked a private screening for Rogue One. To recap the costs of renting an entire theater on December 15th, they (again, not Fandango) are selling their tickets for their private screening for $20. People can go see Batman V Superman in a park with the city on November 5th and buy a ticket there, or on November 7th they can go on the city’s website and get a ticket. This isn’t the day that tickets go on sale for everyone.

So what day will tickets go on sale? has heard this coming Thursday, November 3rd is a possible date. That makes a lot more sense than Lucasfilm having ticket sales being buried under the US election. If they don’t go on sale this week, the most likely date will be Wednesday, November 16th; thirty days out from release.

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