New Rogue One Trailer Arriving This Week

New Rogue One Trailer Arriving This Week


The final Rogue One theatrical trailer will hit this week and we have a good idea when you’ll be able to see it.

While it’s a little earlier than we got The Force Awakens trailer last year (October 19th), we’ll be seeing the full theatrical trailer for Rogue One around this Thursday, October 13th. While there are some reports out there that we’ll be seeing it during Thursday Night Football on CBS (and NFL Network, Twitter, etc.), chances are very strong that it’ll premiere elsewhere in the morning before being put online via YouTube.

If you look at the past history of Rogue One trailers, the original teaser debuted on Disney-owned ABC’s Good Morning America. The theatrical trailer for The Force Awakens also premiered on Disney-owned ESPN’s Monday Night Football. That means the chances of the trailer debuting on a non-Disney network this Thursday is rather slim.

The only reason Disney held the second Rogue One teaser for the Olympics on NBC (as opposed to Celebration) was due to the insane audience for the prime time Olympics coverage. This Thursday’s NFL game, between the 4-1 Broncos and the 1-4 Chargers, won’t have even a fraction of that audience. People won’t be tuning in just to see the Chargers get steamrolled by the Broncos. It doesn’t make much sense for them to hold the trailer just for a non-event such as that.

The good bet? You’ll see the Rogue One theatrical trailer Thursday morning on Good Morning America. Then it’ll immediately show up on YouTube and all of the official Star Wars social media outlets. It could still play during Thursday Night Football that night, but by then most Star Wars fans will have watched it a hundred times.

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