New Man of Steel Spoilers Soothe Fears

Man of Steel has begun its early screenings, and the initial word is that it’s the best superhero movie ever made. These early screenings also serve to hopefully squash some of the nasty rumors that have been floating around about the movie. We’ve been concerned about these rumors as well, but thankfully everything in the movie proves them to be false and the movie honors the Superman canon very well.

The first big rumor deals with Krypton not exploding. JJ Abrams did that in his blasphemous Superman: Flyby script, and a rumor popped up online a few weeks ago that it doesn’t blow up in the film. Well it absolutely does, the screenings have confirmed this; Krypton is destroyed.

Another thing that caused some worry are sightings of Jor-El with Superman. Obviously Jor-El talking to bearded Clark in the trailers is a hologram, but one shot that keeps popping up is Superman flying away from Jor-El while in orbit of Earth. This has sparked speculation that Jor-El somehow survives the destruction of Krypton and reunites with his son.

That is not the case. Jor-El does not survive Krypton exploding (highlight for specific spoilers):

According to some, Jor-El is fatally stabbed by Zod after he sends Kal-El on his way to Earth.

Depending on the era that a Superman story takes place, Ma and Pa Kent may or may not be alive when he’s an adult. At some times, Pa Kent is dead, and at others; both are. So killing off Pa Kent isn’t so much of a major spoiler. But how they do it is, and I really like how it’s handled (highlight for specific spoilers):

Jonathan Kent dies in the tornado sequence. Clark could save him, but Jonathan forbids it as he believes the world isn’t ready for Clark to be known.

I really like that actually. In the Donner film, Jonathan dies of a heart attack and Clark is powerless to save him. Here, it’s similar but even more meaningful to Clark. Very good choice.

As for other DC Comics cameos, aside from the LexCorp tower, there are too many unconfirmed rumors flying around to say for certainty just yet…

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