Mass Effect 3 Officially Has Multi-Player

Perhaps one of the most controversial possibilities of BioWare’s upcoming Mass Effect 3 is that of a multi-player mode. Well, BioWare has confirmed that the game will have a four-player co-operative mode in the game that will be separate from your single player experience, but will allow you to impact the single-player game if you choose. The multi-player won’t affect your Mass Effect 1 or 2 choices in any way, as it’s not part of the actual story, but you’ll gain a single player bonus by playing it.

The multi-player mode will allow players to select from multiple classes and through missions increase Commander Shepard’s “Galactic Readiness”. This ranking is said to be very important in saving the galaxy in the single-player mode, so those players who decide to participate in the multi-player will appear to get a boost in their story play-through.

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