MAJOR SPOILERS: The Identity of Episode VII’s Cloaked Villain Revealed?

MAJOR SPOILERS: The Identity of Episode VII’s Cloaked Villain Revealed?


Episode VII Spoilers

Prior to beginning this story I need to stress to you how major of a spoiler this is. This is not only a major plot surprise in Star Wars Episode VII, but it also reveals pretty much how the movie ends and what the overall theme of Episodes VIII and IX will be. This is perhaps the biggest and most shocking spoiler for Star Wars Episode VII.


Firstly a little bit of backstory to this bit of news. Over the last couple days my buddy Jason at MakingStarWars has been sharing some verified information about Episode VII with myself and crew of Now, This is Podcasting. The various leaks over the last day, such as Daisy Ridley’s AT-AT home, Max Von Sydow’s character, Yavin IV, etc. all came from some pretty incredible stuff we got to see. If you want to hear very detailed description of the concept art, you can do so by checking out the 9-30-14 episode of Now, This is Podcasting!

As awesome as those reveals were, nothing prepared us for what we would learn tonight. Nothing.

If you’re into Episode VII spoilers, you probably remember the leaked concept art of the cyborg villain in the movie. For a long time it’s been believed that his is Adam Driver’s character. We’ve learned that it is not.

Before I reveal who it is, let me preface it with two things we’ve heard recently about how the movie ends.

  1. The first is that while the movie has a tone similar to A New Hope, it actually ends in a cliffhanger of sorts like The Empire Strikes Back where the main characters are facing something they didn’t except and you don’t quite know how they’ll get out of this new situation.
  2. The second has to do with Luke, and for a long time it was rumored that he does something major in the movie that leaves him changed in a major way.

Both of those rumors are true.

The masked cyborg in the black cloak who has been pictured holding the burned helmet of Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker.

It’s a pretty big shock, and it blew my mind. It blew Jason’s mind as well and if you want to know his thoughts about he wrote all about it over on

The way this all fits in, from what we understand, rumors say that at some point in the movie it appears as if Luke is just missing. He’s not, and he appears as that twisted half-machine cyborg. He truly becomes his father.

Even more shocking is that it appears that Episode VII ends with Kira (Daisy Ridley’s character) kneeling before Cyborg Luke to become his new apprentice. This is apparently what was filmed at Skellig Michael in Ireland. John Boyega’s character is then the hero of the new trilogy, and we’re left waiting for Episode VIII to see how the heroes deal with Luke becoming the new Sith Lord with Kira has his apprentice.

All of this is based on information that is believed to be extremely reliable. While things do always change during production, this does mesh with the two rumors about the end of the movie above. The shocker here is what happens to Luke, and it’s similar to what Abrams did by destroying Vulcan in 2009’s Star Trek. But here he has Lawrence Kasdan writing with him, and this feels like Kasdan finding a way to shock Star Wars fans even more than the Vader revelation in Empire while kicking off the new Star Wars trilogy with a whopper of a surprise.

I think it works.

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