Lucasfilm Marketing CONFIRMS Spring/Summer 2015 Release for Episode VII

Now, I’m not going to start a victory lap until Lucasfilm official reveals a May 20th release of Episode VII, but this is some promising news. We’ve been screaming over and over that those stupid December delay rumors are flat-out lies created by a blogger with some kind of perverted grudge against J.J. Abrams, but now a leak of Lucasfilm marketing materials again confirms that Episode VII is slated for a “Spring/Summer 2015″ release.

JediNewsUK received a brochure from the European Brand Licensing Show that details Disney/Lucasfilm’s Star Wars marketing plans for the next two years. Right there in “Spring/Summer 2015″ they list the theatrical release of Episode VII:

Will this stop those lying bloggers trying to smear Star Wars by making up false rumors about a December delay? Doubtful, as bad Star Wars Episode VII news drives hits to their sites. But this is official marketing material, and if the movie was coming out in December it wouldn’t specifically say Summer.

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