Kylo Ren Does Not Call Rey ‘Cousin’ in Disney Infinity 3.0

Kylo Ren Does Not Call Rey ‘Cousin’ in Disney Infinity 3.0


infinity-force-awakensThere’s a video everyone is spreading around with the clickbait claim that Kylo Ren calls Rey “cousin” in Disney Infinity 3.0, when that’s not what the video shows at all.

If you actually play the game, one of the thing Kylo says when he gets hit is “curses”. The video shows Rey fighting Kylo in the final battle of the game, right after Kylo repeats the “face me” line he’s hit with an attack and says “curses”. Thanks to how popular any type of Star Wars clickbait is right now, sites with dubious records of Star Wars scoops are rushing to call this confirmation of the relationship between Kylo Ren and Rey when the game never says the “cousin” line.

The mocking of this “scoop” has begun, but that hasn’t stopped it from being posted on social media everywhere.



Hopefully people will start to shout down their friends when they post that the cousin line is spoken in the game. This is quickly becoming as dumb as the “Snoke is Plagueis” clickbait.


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