Josh Trank’s 4Chan Rant Was Faked! We Have the Proof!


Josh Trank 4ChanHere’s why we post stuff as “Rumor” when we’re not sure if it’s true or not. The Josh Trank 4Chan rant everyone has been talking about over the last few days was faked, and the photo evidence everyone was citing is a Photoshop.

Trank has been going on Twitter telling people the “selfie” is a Photoshop fake, and we found the source of the image. He Tweeted that it’s from a three-year-old interview with First Showing, which you can view here.

Left: Source interview for Trank’s head. Right: The fake selfie used to legitimize the 4chan posts. Click for higher resolution.


Josh Trank 4chan Fake

The original video was from 2012, promoting Chronicle. Trank looks different now.

If this image was faked, and they went through a lot of work to fake it, that makes the entire posting in question. It’s most likely what Trank said, someone attempting to slander him. If you have a link to the posts, do not spread them around as they are most likely not true at all.

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