Guy Legally Buys an Xbox One from Target and Microsoft BANS the Console from XBL

This is Microsoft.

This is Microsoft.

Here’s yet another reason why I’d think twice about paying $500 for an underpowered Xbox One that runs most games at 720p. It’s sold by an anti-consumer corporation who only wants your $500 before banning the console from connecting to Xbox Live.

A customer pre-ordered an Xbox One from Target, and the store accidentally shipped it to him early. He’s not the only one to receive their system this far in advance, as someone else has also received theirs and quickly put it up on eBay for nearly $10,000.

But this guy, who goes by @Moonlightswami on Twitter, didn’t try to sell his Xbox One for a ton of cash. He hooked it up, downloaded the 500MB Day 1 update and started to play it. He also posted screenshots and videos of the UI and games to Youtube (which MS pulled down), and then Microsoft banned his legally purchased $500 Xbox One from XBL:

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