Gary Whitta Attempts to Delete His Online Special Edition & Prequel Bashing

Gary Whitta Attempts to Delete His Online Special Edition & Prequel Bashing

Earlier tonight it was announced that Godzilla director Gareth Edwards would be making the first Star Wars spin-off with After Earth writer Gary Whitta. We’re not quite sure on where Edwards stands on the franchise, but there is documented evidence online that Whitta is a hardcore Special Edition/Prequel hater and he’s working very hard to delete it.

For years Whitta was a regular poster, and minor celebrity, on the internet message board NeoGAF. He posted under his real name, but not long after Will Smith’s Scientology analogy was released, it seemed like Whitta lost interest in the forum and vanished from the backlash over writing a movie some people considered Scientology propaganda.

Of course, when you’re working on Star Wars for Disney/Lucasfilm it’s probably time to go edit all your Star Wars-bashing posts so your new bosses don’t see how you really feel.

Whitta returned to a thread from 2010 discussing the Star Wars Blu-Ray release and edited out every one of his posts that bashed the Special Editions or the Prequels. Unfortunately for him, he was unable to edit the posts where others quoted him, which gives us some of these gems that he obviously wouldn’t want his bosses at Lucasfilm seeing:

About the Special Editions:

I just want my original ROTJ ending with the original non-shitty Ewok victory music and non-shitty Hayden ghost Anakin.

Oh, and no Greedo shooting first, and no fucked-up Jabba’s palace GGI musical number and (etc etc)

About Yoda:

It’s so amazing to me how their ability to create a living breathing Yoda seemed to actually decrease even as the tools at their disposal improved. I agree the CGI Yoda wasn’t bad but the Ep I puppet was an abomination. Nothing comes close to the original though.

About not seeing Episodes VII-IX:

Having seen 1-3 maybe it’s for the best.

Worst change in the Special Editions:

Sorry that honor still goes to Greedo shooting first.

The A New Hope Jabba Scene:

Best way to improve it would be to remove it. I don’t know why Lucas ever felt we needed two scenes practically back-to-back that serve almost exactly the same purpose.

Some Prequel posts:

Obligatory joke about how Lucas already made Star Wars comedy, it’s called Episodes I-III, etc etc

I mean the OT. I don’t know what Revenge of the Sith is, is that fan fiction?

Guess what, those movies fucking sucked too.

Ripping the original editions:

OG editions of Episodes IV, V, and VI ACQUIRED! Ripping them to AppleTV this afternoon, then I plan to watch the trilogy the way I remember it! Fuck Lucas and his vandalized Blu-Rays. He’s turned us all into scavengers, scraping around in the trash cans of the internet for our childhoods.

He didn’t like Clone Wars either:

<—- sick of the clone wars.

His Get off My Lawn Post:

Was accused today by a twitter follower of boycotting the BDs because I am “old and jaded”. That motherfucker got BLOCKED.

People saying “I don’t like these changes but I’m still buying because I love Star Wars” have got it all backward. You’re putting up with this bullshit because you don’t love it enough!

He edited out every negative Star Wars post from that forum back on February 8th, which means that’s likely the time he began work for Disney on the movie. Will this affect anything with the spin-off? Likely not as anything he does would still need approval of the Story Group and Lucasfilm as a whole, but this news brings to light the mindset of the person writing the first standalone Star Wars film…

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