First Confirmed Reports of DOA or Broken Xbox Ones in the Wild

First Confirmed Reports of DOA or Broken Xbox Ones in the Wild

Last week, prior to the PS4 release, the larger gaming media pounced on every report of a PS4 problem like rabid animals. This week, with the Xbox One coming out tomorrow, reports of issues with the system are generally being ignored. But with the system technically already launched in parts of Europe, we’re starting to see issues pop up along with video proof.

The first report came from someone who uploaded a video of their console to Photobucket, in which the console will not turn on at all. Based on the video, it’s possible it’s a bad power supply judging by the light on the power brick. If it isn’t that, it could possibly be something else. Here’s an embed of the video:

The second report is from someone who is able to power up the system, but it fails to update from XBL. Despite numerous attempts to retry the update, it simply gets to a screen that says everything is alright yet it remains unusable (as you need the Day 1 update to use the system). Microsoft had a USB firmware update up on their website last night, but they have since pulled it. That may have helped this guy:

We’re still about nine hours away from the first US consoles (aside from about 150 ones from Target) arriving in the hands of buyers on the East Coast. So right now, it remains to be seen if any more reports like this will show up or not…

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