Disney Removes the Fox Fanfare From Their Star Wars Movies

Disney Removes the Fox Fanfare From Their Star Wars Movies

Disney Fox Fanfare Star Wars

One of the most recognizable parts of a Star Wars movie is now gone due to Disney owning the franchise, as the Fox Fanfare has been removed from the films the mouse owns.

Today’s release of the Star Wars Digital Movie Collection gives us a hint as to what we may see with The Force Awakens. For all of the movies (except for A New Hope) the familiar 20th Century Fox Fanfare has been removed and replaced with a new piece of music over the modern Lucasfilm logo. It’s actually not even new music as it’s a modification of John Williams’ end-credits finale to The Empire Strikes Back.

This also proves to people that, like Marvel, the Star Wars films will not begin with the Walt Disney Pictures logo as many have feared. They are treating Lucasfilm like Marvel, and thus giving them their own fanfare. I wouldn’t be surprised if for The Force Awakens they update the logo and to a elaborate 3D version much like what they did with Marvel beginning with Thor: The Dark World.

While some are freaking out over this, did you honestly think Fox would allow Disney to use their logo on the Star Wars movies? Fox isn’t allowing A New Hope to show up on Disney’s own streaming service, so they wouldn’t allow their logo to appear on a movie that Disney owns now.

You can check out the video below from Yakface.com that shows how Disney has removed the Fox Fanfare from Star Wars:


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