Did Disney Just Confirm a New Star Wars Attraction in 2016?

star-tours-2Everyone knows that Disney is working on new Star Wars attractions for all of their theme parks. But I don’t think anyone expected to see something as soon as next year.

At the Indiana Jones Adventure 20th Anniversary panel that was recently held for Annual Passholders, Tony Baxter mentioned he always liked Indy more than Han. When no one applauded at that, he said:

“You’ll look forward to next year’s treat”

As he was obviously talking about Star Wars, he could have just confirmed that they do have some kind of theme park plans for Star Wars next year. 2015 is the 60th Anniversary of Disneyland, and as they don’t want construction walls all over the place this year, the most realistic thing would be new destinations on Star Tours featuring Episode VII planets. Adding new planets to that ride doesn’t require any major downtime, so it could be a quick addition.

You can watch Tony Baxter’s presentation here via Skywalking Through Neverland the comments start at 5:11:

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