Dark Skies finally being released on DVD

This is something SciFi fans have been waiting forever for. NBC’s short-lived, but extremely awesome, answer to The X-Files is finally being released on DVD after years of wondering its fate. Dark Skies series co-creator Bryce Zabel was on Coast to Coast AM last night and used his appearance to announce that the series would finally be released on DVD January 20th by Shout! Factory. Even bigger news is that he made a point to say that all of the music clearances went through, which means the series will hit DVD with all of its period music intact. Music clearances is the one thing that kept it from DVD all these years.

The series is set in the 60’s and combined the JFK assassination and Roswell conspiracies into one story. It only ran for 20 episodes between 1996 and 1997, but has become a huge cult hit with fans requesting a DVD release for years. But, as with shows such as The Wonder Years, the large amount of period music seemed like too much of an uphill battle for Sony to mount in terms of music clearances. So, a few years ago Sony gave the show to the producers and allowed them to shop it around to see if anyone wanted to attempt a DVD release. From last night’s announcement, Shout! Factory has picked the show up and managed to keep all of the music intact. The January 20th release date is no coincidence as that is the 50th anniversary of JFK’s inauguration and  fits the series.

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