Daniel Fleetwood Was Blown Away by The Force Awakens

When the world found out that Lucasfilm showed Daniel Fleetwood The Force Awakens everyone was happy, but they of course wondered what his reaction to the movie would be. Obviously the family had to sign a NDA like the Star Trek: Into Darkness family did, so he can’t say specifics. However two Star Wars fan groups visited him and did get a reaction from him…

According to a post by a 501st member in the Star Wars subreddit who visited Daniel, he was really impressed with the new Star Wars:

“What I do know is that he was genuinely blown away by the movie. To be honest he’s on a lot of drugs, but he kept telling us that its great, and he loved how it felt true to the original trilogy.

They said JJ has called the house several times just checking on him, as well as a few other awesome folks like /u/PeterMayhew”

This echoes the reaction of everyone who has seen the movie so far. There hasn’t been a single negative yet, so it sounds like we’re in for something very special next month.

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