Daisy Ridley: It’ll Be ‘A While’ Before the Episode VIII Title Release

Those hoping to learn the title for Episode VIII in the lead up to a new Star Wars movie in 2016 may have to wait a while longer.

Daisy Ridley was on a podcast this week and says while she heard one of the possible titles a long time ago, it’ll be a while until the official one is released:

“I heard a title, but I don’t know if it’s going to be that. I really don’t know much about anything. I heard the title a long time ago before we started filming, and so I feel some things have slightly tweaked during production. It’s going to be a while before it’s released I imagine.”

While there are rumors that say we could possibly get the title in November prior to some kind of teaser before Rogue One, more realistic rumors point to a huge blow-out at Star Wars Celebration in April where they not only reveal the title for the movie but the first teaser trailer as well.

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