Could Disney Have Been Duped By The Last Jedi Work Print Hoax?

Could Disney Have Been Duped By The Last Jedi Work Print Hoax?

Here’s an interesting development, it looks as if Disney has possibly been duped by the recent hoax about a leaked workprint of The Last Jedi.

THR is reporting that Bob Iger has told Disney employees that hackers have one of their movies and is holding it for ransom:

“The Disney chief said the hackers demanded that a huge sum be paid on Bitcoin. They are threatening to release five minutes of the film the first time and then in 20-minute chunks until their financial demands are met.”

This is exactly the same as the demands the hoaxers had made over their work print. Last week the story was that they demanded 6.5 Bitcoins (about $10,000) or else they would release five minutes of the movie on June 6th.

The work print was discovered to be a hoax when the person who runs the site where they were claiming it to be real asked for proof and was given footage from The Force Awakens:

You would think Disney would have more information about the status of their in-production movie than Reddit. But this appears to be a real possibility they’ve been duped by a hoax. At least they say they won’t be paying the ransom.

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