Completely Unconfirmed 4Chan Episode VIII Rumors of the First Act

Completely Unconfirmed 4Chan Episode VIII Rumors of the First Act

A post on 4Chan has outlined what is about the first third of Episode VIII, and while anyone can post anything on that imageboard some of the things in the post are backed up with whispers coming out of the production.

The poster claims this is basically the first forty or so minutes of the movie involving Luke, Rey, Kyo, and Hux. Beware that there are some major spoilers here if anything true. Some of this hasn’t been posted elsewhere but they are spoilers that have been heard by some people already so at least some of this has truth to it. That’s the only reason why I’m reposting this:

  • Kylo is seen in bacta and we see his helmet lowered on his head like Vader in The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Hux is killed by Snoke.
  • Luke is insane and talks to animals on his little island. He disappears (again) leaving Rey to fend for herself against the wildlife on the island.
  • Rey fights a giant sea monster and then gets chased into a giant tree by the island birds.
  • Inside the tree she meets the Force Ghosts of Obi-Wan and Yoda.
  • Outside the tree she awakes to Luke standing above her with a bird with giant eyes.
  • Luke tells Rey she has to kill Kylo, but she doesn’t want to.
  • Kylo and Rey connect to each other through the Force, and then he arrives on the planet.
  • There’s a fight and Kylo knocks Rey off a cliff and incapacitates Luke before the island birds swarm Kylo.

Again these 4Chan rumors are completely unconfirmed, and the bit about Rey fighting the sea monster has been posted by MakingStarWars in the past. However there’s other stuff in there that checks out, so there could be at least some truth to this. Also, the movie hasn’t yet undergone its full reshoots, so it’s possible some of this could change before release this December.

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