$850 For Star Wars Celebration VI VIP Tickets?

$850 For Star Wars Celebration VI VIP Tickets?

Exactly one year from this date, Star Wars Celebration VI will kick off in Orlando Florida and tickets went on sale today. The sixth Star Wars mega-convention will take play from August 23rd through the 26th and will be once again at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. That means you’ll be really close to Walt Disney World and be able to spend even more money to go ride the new Star Tours!

And how much will it cost to attend Celebration VI? Not counting flight and hotel, which is naturally extremely expensive for an end-of-summer trip to Florida, tickets will set you back $135 for all four days. If you’re one of those people who like to sign over their bank account to George Lucas, and are one of the first 50 people to act on tickets tomorrow; you can spend $850 for a Jedi Master VIP package that includes things like limited edition art prints, early access to the panel rooms and store, and a special hat!

If you miss out on the $850 Jedi Master VIP package, you can cross your fingers to get into the 250-people strong Jedi Knight VIP package for only $400! You’ll still get some of the early access privileges, but you’ll miss out on some reserved seating and you won’t get a special hat.

So if you’re a filthy rich Star Wars fan with $850 you want to hand over to George for a couple days at a convention center with the sweet smell of fanboy in the air, you can check out the Celebration VI site here.

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