6 Things Lucas Needs to Fix on the Blu-Rays

6 Things Lucas Needs to Fix on the Blu-Rays

If you think that Lucas isn’t going to tweak the Star Wars movies more for the Blu-Ray release, you’re living in a dream world and need to take the blue pill to wake up. As he’s obviously going to change some things in the movies for their high definition release, here are some things that we think should absolutely be altered.

Han Shoots First

C’mon George, this you have to reverse. And it’s not like there isn’t precedence for it. When the Empire SE was released in theaters, Luke made a sissy cry when he fell down the shaft in Cloud City. Lucas removed that from the DVDs. Han Shot First has become a joke against Star Wars, and he needs to reverse his decision on the Blu-Ray.

CG Yoda in Episode I

ILM and Lucas will never touch the Original Trilogy Yoda puppet. That’s sacred. But they’ve already thrown out the stoned Yoda puppet from Episode I in favor of the CG model used in the other two prequels. It was done as a proof of concept when ILM was convincing Lucas that they could do a CG Yoda in Episode II and it’s so much better than that horrible Phantom Menace puppet that the Blu-Ray must include the CG version.

Han Walks Over Jabba’s Tail

By far the worst effect in all of the Star Wars movies, the “cut out” Han Solo walking over a tail that didn’t exist when they filmed the scene is horrible. It was really bad in the original theatrical SE release, and they improved it a bit on the DVD, but they still can get it better.

White/Green Lightsaber

When they did the DVD of Star Wars, someone messed up on the coloring of Luke’s saber on the Falcon. It’s white with something of a greenish hue, when it should be blue. This is an easy fix that they hopefully get done for the high definition release.

Jedi Rocks

Jedi Rocks is just horrible. Embarrassing even. So much so that you just have to fast forward through the whole thing. If they want to replace the old stiff puppets in the original scene with better CG versions, fine, but the musical number is just horrible and yanks you right out of Jabba’s Palace into a bad Vegas number. It probably won’t get replaced, but it should.

Force Ghosts

Now I don’t personally have a problem with young Anakin appearing as a Force Ghost, as the explanation makes sense.

“You father was seduced by the dark side of the Force. He ceased to be Anakin Skywalker and became Darth Vader. When that happened, the good man who was your father was destroyed.”

As far as Lucas is concerned, Anakin died when he turned to the Dark Side, which is why Anakin appears as a Force Ghost. But naturally people hate this, which is why I included it here.

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