5 Things From SWG That Would Make The Old Republic Better

5 Things From SWG That Would Make The Old Republic Better









Star Wars: The Old Republic is obviously one of the most anticipated games of not just the year, but of all time. It’s coming off the crushing disappointment that was Star Wars Galaxies and the hopes and dreams of Star Wars fanboys around the world are pinned on this game to deliver to them the definitive Star Wars MMO experience.

While a lot of people didn’t like Star Wars Galaxies, especially after the Combat Upgrade (CU) and New Game Enhancements (NGE), it did do some things extremely well and has some features that BioWare could copy to make The Old Republic the ultimate Star Wars MMO for decades to come. While the two are completely different games, SWG is a sandbox and TOR is a themepark, that shouldn’t stop these suggestions from being possible in the game.

We’re not saying to make TOR a sandbox either. World of Warcraft has shown that the “themepark” style of MMOs is the most popular style for most players these days. SWG was great fun, but the sandbox nature of it did hold it back from really taking on with casual players. Hardcore crafters, PVPers, and roleplayers loved the freedom the game offered, but the main MMO market wanted more tailored content to play through and didn’t like having to create their own fun in the sandbox world.

These five suggestions we’re making are things that are completely doable in a themepark style MMO, as they have been done in others or don’t require the game to be a sandbox to work. There is really no reason why these things couldn’t be implemented into The Old Republic, other than time involved. Naturally we don’t expect them to come at launch, but these are five things from Star Wars Galaxies that would really make The Old Republic the Star Wars MMO that we’ll play until the day the servers shut down forever.

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