5 Reasons Why Comic Fans Should Boycott Fox’s Fantastic Four Reboot


Despite them not wanting comic fans to know how horrible their upcoming Fantastic Four reboot is going to be, Fox is still planning on releasing it next August. They hid the movie from fans at this last year’s San Diego Comic Con, and they know they have a steaming turd on their hands. Just why is the movie going to be a steaming turd? Since Fox likes to threaten sites with legal warnings when they try to explain how bad the movie is most people aren’t aware of what is happening with one of Marvel’s crown jewels.

We’ve been covering this abortion of a movie since it was revealed, and here are five big reasons why comic fans should not go see Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot next summer:

Fantastic Four is Important to Marvel


Longtime Marvel readers know of the importance of Fantastic Four. It’s not just a lighthearted superhero book with a family at its core, something of the monthly Marvel sitcom, it’s the cornerstone of Marvel itself. The original Fantastic Four was the first book Stan Lee made when revitalizing Marvel in the 60s. That’s why it’s referred to as “Marvel’s First Family”. Because of where Fantastic Four resides in the Marvel hierarchy, it deserves better treatment than being turned into “Chronicle 2” in a desperate attempt of Fox to retain the film rights.

The Filmmakers Don’t Understand Fantastic Four


We’ve already heard how the reboot will be a “grounded in reality” and dark and gritty reimagining of the comic. That’s not FANTASTIC Four. You can’t take the FANTASTIC Four and ground them in reality. It defeats the whole purpose of the lighthearted Lost in Space tone from the source material. By turning Fantastic Four into a Chronicle sequel and attempting to make it more “realistic”, the filmmakers are just showing they have absolutely no clue as to what the Fantastic Four really is.

It Destroys the Characters


Doctor Doom is an anti-social computer hacker named “Victor Domashev” who hates the 1%? That’s not Doctor Doom. These idiots never read a Fantastic Four comic in their life. Doctor Doom IS the 1%, he doesn’t hate them. He hates everyone beneath him, and is one of the most brilliant villains in the history of comics. By taking Josh Trank’s Chronicle 2 idea and melding the Fantastic Four characters to fit his casting choices and character ideas, Fox is destroying Marvel’s First Family.

It Really Didn’t Need a Fox Reboot


People love to bash the Tim Story Fantastic Four movies as bad comic book adaptations. I can understand if you’re comparing them to the X-Men movies…sure. But Fantastic Four was never X-Men. It was never supposed to have a similar tone or setting. It’s always been a family sitcom more along the lines of Lost in Space than Battlestar Galactica. As much as they are hated, the two Tim Story movies got the tone and characters (even to some extent Doom) much better than Fox’s reboot will. So again, this reboot is nothing more than a desperate attempt by Fox to retain their film rights.

If It (and Its Sequel) Bomb, The Rights Will Eventually Revert


Fox is already planning a sequel to the reboot as they’ll keep throwing money into a bottomless pit just to keep Fantastic Four for themselves. But if the movies don’t perform well, they won’t be able to keep this up for long. The fewer people who see their Fantastic Four movies, the faster they will give up trying to hold on to the franchise…which means eventually they’ll stop making the movies and the rights will revert back to Marvel. And that’s all anyone really wants.

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